Please note: Before you begin to fill in our online application, please make sure that you have your documents in a single pdf file, as well as your referee contact data and first idea of your DBA research at hand to be able to fill in all mandatory fields and submit your application.

* = Mandatory Fields



Most recent/current academic qualification

Name of university and country * Qualification obtained * Main subject area * From - to *

Please ensure you submit a coloured scan of your degrees certificates and original transcript of records of subjects studies and grades obtained (for all years of study), translated into English where appropriate (not necessary for German degrees).


Most recent/current employment

Previous employments

Company name Country From - to Position held Full / part time

An excellent command of the English language is required for entry to the program. If English is not your first language and it is over two years since you studied in English for your Masters degree, you must provide further evidence in the form of an IELTS test or a letter from your employer confirming that English is the main language of communication at your place of work.

If no, give details of English language course taken / to be taken:

If yes, please indicate how many years you have spent studying in English


Please list below two referees who have knowledge of your academic and professional ability in support of your application. SISP may be contacting these for consultation.

  • Recommended referees:
  • If you are currently a student or have recently completed your studies, one of your referees should be a lecturer or professor from your university.
  • The other referee should preferably be the person you report to in your current company. If you do not wish to inform your current employer that you are applying for admission to SIBE Scientific Projects GmbH (SISP) then you could list a referee from amongst your previous employers.

1st Referee

2nd Referee


This section should be used to state your intended area of research. This is for indicative purposes and supervisor assignment. *


Please provide specific details for any of the above


Please upload the following documents, combined in one single pdf file (max. 5 Mbyte): *

  • Motivation letter in English
  • CV in English
  • Degree certificates (degree and transcript of records)
  • English language certificate
  • Certificates of Employment


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  7. Hereby I confirm that the listed referees below are informed and agree on SIBE Scientific Projects GmbH contacting them for consultation. *

Comment: Please, keep in mind that your consent declaration is only valid if you mark all the fields with a cross. Otherwise, we will not be able to consider your application. Thank you!