We appreciate your interest in our doctoral program and hope to have the right answers to some of your questions. Nevertheless, if you have any further questions that you cannot find the answers to, please contact us. We will be happy to help you answer your questions and look forward to your support in continually adding to our list of questions.


Which academic degrees are considered as Masters degree equivalents?

The following German degrees are considered as Master equivalent:

  • Magister Artium
  • University Diplom (Diplom from Universities of Applied Sciences (FH) are not considered as Master equivalent)
  • Erste Staatsprüfung (Jura/Sekundarstufe II/Sonderpädagogische Lehrämter)

If you have an educational qualification from a country other than Germany and are not sure about recognition, please contact us.


Which English language certificates are considered equivalent to IELTS 7.0?

  • A certified English C1 course according to the European Reference Frame
  • English-language master’s program (not older than two years)
  • Letter from your employer confirming that English is the main language of communication at your place of work


How should the format of my motivation letter look like?

Your motivation letter should include your main reasons for wanting to perform a DBA at SISP. You may want to include any relevant experience or information which might further support your application. The letter should not exceed one page.

DBA Program

How long will it take to complete the Course Stage?

The duration of the Course Stage is set up to be fulfilled in one year.  


What do I have to do to progress to the Research Stage?

Once all courses and examinations have been completed and the Research Proposal has been approved by the Doctoral Review Committee, you can progress to the Research Stage.


What is a Research Proposal and why do I need one?

A Research Proposal is a formal document that sets out exactly what is intended to be achieved in the research and how it is to be done. The research proposal is considered by the DBA Research Committee, and the candidate can proceed only when the Committee is convinced of its viability. The course Doctoral Business Research 1 explains how to prepare a Research Proposal and the expected format.


What is an Intermediate Submission and why do I need one?

The Intermediate Submission is a formal document that comprises a series of draft chapters that will go on to to form a part of the final thesis. A typical Intermediate Submission comprises an introduction chapter, a series of literature review chapters, a literature synthesis, a statement of research aims and objectives and a section on methodology. The candidate can proceed to the final stage of the research only when the Research Committee is convinced of its continued viability.


What is the scope of the doctoral thesis?

The final DBA thesis is normally around 45 000 to 50 000 words including references and appendices. Under University regulations doctoral theses shall not normally exceed 80 000 words and shall not normally exceed 400 pages in length including appendices.  


How is the Research Stage examined and when do I get my DBA?

The Research Stage is examined by thesis and viva voce examination by internal and external examiners. Once any required corrections have been made to the satisfaction of the examiners, the candidate is recommended for the award of the degree of DBA and the degree is conferred at the next congregation.


How long will it take to complete the Research Stage?

The duration of the Research Stage is set up to be completed in at least two years. This may vary depending on numerous factors, including the nature of the research, access to data and the time available to the candidate.

General Questions

Which additional costs have to be calculated?

Travel costs for the optional seminars and oral defense have to be added to the program fees, as well as costs for issuing your certificate (45 -100£) and printing the copies of your Thesis.  


Can I use the Dr. title in Germany?

Yes, according to the decision of the “Kultusministerkonferenz of 09/21/2001” in the version of 06/26/2015 the title “Dr.” may be used in Germany as equivalent to “Doctor of Business Administration”. This ruling may be subject to changes due to legal or political conditions.