Under no circumstances do I want to be merely a ′common′ man. I have the right to be exceptional – if I can. I want opportunities, not security.

I do not want to be a citizen who is humiliated and dulled by government support. I want to encounter risk, have desires and fulfill them, suffer disaster and enjoy success.

I refuse to sell my own determination for a pittance. I would prefer to face life’s difficulties rather than lead a secure existence. I prefer the exciting tension of my own success to the dull calm of Utopia.

I want neither to sacrifice my freedom for benefits nor my human dignity for charity.

I have learned to think and act for myself, to look the world squarely in the face and to recognize that this is my achievement.

This is what is meant when we say: I am a free man!

Albert Schweitzer


As an independent research institute of the School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE) of the Steinbeis University, all research projects of the SIBE Scientific Projects (SISP) are based on the “transfer concept” of the Steinbeis Foundation, which also characterizes the entire educational offering of the Steinbeis University. The SIBE Scientific Projects (SISP) takes up practical challenges and questions.

The aim of all research activities is to offer recommendations for action and implementation aids. The research activities of the SISP are aimed at creating transfer-oriented knowledge on an excellent scientific basis. Such transfer-oriented research is characterised by the fact that, on the one hand, the question is closely linked to a concrete, everyday (e.g. entrepreneurial) problem. On the other hand, the scientific answer serves the goal of solving this worldly problem. In doing so, it should above all also be possible to break new ground in view of the respective requirements and to overcome traditional ways of seeing and thinking. For often, the “new” or “innovative” manifests itself precisely in leaving old paths and mental patterns behind. However, all this is preceded first by the will, the endeavour to see facts anew and sometimes to evaluate them differently. In view of the manifold and profound changes in which our world finds itself, it is not always the person who thinks of or invents something new who is decisive, but the one who realizes something new. We speak here, independently of the social context, of “creative personalities”. With their active work, these people close the circle to the necessary leadership to initiate and advance necessary change.

Together with the School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE) at Steinbeis University, we, SIBE Scientific Projects, want to offer the prerequisites for developing ideas for high-quality innovations. In our view, this includes above all the education of creative personalities. The latter not only play an active role in shaping constant change through their actions as innovators, but also explore the application of various methods and new approaches to solutions. Creative personalities thus carry out precisely the transfer between what has been conceived and its implementation in a reality of life, which is the fundamental idea behind the educational programs offered by the entire Steinbeis University and, at the same time, the research projects of SIBE and SISP.