As a non-profit organisation  of the School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE) at Steinbeis University, all activities of SIBE Scientific Projects (SISP) are based on the “transfer idea” of the Steinbeis Foundation, which also characterises the entire educational offering of Steinbeis University. In doing so, SIBE Scientific Projects (SISP) takes up practical challenges and questions. Such transfer-oriented research is characterised by the fact that, on the one hand, the research question is closely linked to a concrete, real-life (e.g. entrepreneurial) problem.

On the other hand, the scientific answer serves the goal of solving this real-life problem. In doing so, it should above all be possible to go new ways in view of the respective requirements and to overcome traditional ways of seeing and thinking. Because often the “new” or “innovative” manifests itself precisely in this, in leaving old paths and mental patterns. However, this is all preceded by the will, the endeavour to see things in a new way and sometimes to evaluate them differently. In view of the manifold and profound changes in our world, it is not always the person who thinks up or invents something new who is decisive, but the person who realises the new. We speak here, regardless of the social context, of “creative personalities”. With their active work, these people close the circle to the necessary leadership to initiate and drive the required change.