The doctoral program enables doctoral students to develop research-relevant contents and competencies, that can be used to address and solve actual world issues. Its purpose is to train candidates to develop significant research which contributes to professional business practice on SISP’s research topics leadership, personality and innovation or on a company-specific issue.

Our DBA program provides basic knowledge about research at the Course Stage. At this stage, candidates complete the three distance learning courses Doctoral Business Research 1, 2 and 3, each assessed by a written examination which can be carried out in Germany. These online-courses cover significant content such as research methods, approaches to academic literature and advice on how to develop an acceptable research proposal as well as process information related to the conduct and structure of the DBA program. In addition to the distance learning program, EBS offers a preparatory seminar per course which lasts four days each and can be visited at one of the campuses of Heriot-Watt University at Edinburgh or Dubai. The seminars are optional while the distance learning program consisting of the three courses Doctoral Business Research 1, 2 and 3 are obligatory. By attending the optional seminars, you can prepare yourself in depth for the respective exam, discuss your research topics with your fellow students and at the same time expand your international network.

During the Research Stage candidates will be implementing their doctoral research. The outcome is written up in the form of a thesis that is presented for examination. The examination is a viva voce (an oral formal defense of the thesis) before internal and external examiners held at Edinburgh. The duration of the program is at least three years. At SISP you are guided from the very beginning by a supervisor who will assist in the development of your research providing subject expertise. Feedback and evaluation from DBA Review Committee (DRC) reviewers additionally contribute to the progress of your research and ensure the quality standards of the doctoral program.