DBR course examinations

Each of the DBR courses is assessed by a three-hour written examination. To complete a course successfully you must obtain at least 50% in the examination.

There are examination sessions in June and December of each year. The detailed schedule will be posted on the Edinburgh Business School (EBS) Student Portal. While some travel may be required, EBS endeavors to arrange examinations as near to your location as is practical, on a worldwide basis.

Doctorate Review Committee Approval Stages

The DBA Program comprises three approval stages conducted by the Doctoral Review Committee (DRC):

  1. Research Proposal
  2. Intermediate Thesis
  3. Draft Thesis

Each stage is critically evaluated by the DRC. After a rigorous analysis, reviewers provide a set of extended comments which will be passed to the supervisor for communication back to the candidate with further advice as appropriate. DBR courses prepare and guide candidates on what is expected at each stage.