Develop your own employees and strengthen your company!

Joint career planning and the possibility of career advancement are the central elements of a satisfactory working relationship for a large number of employees. The financial aspect alone is not sufficient for a successful retention of one’s own employees. The desire for personal further training at an attractive and at the same time scientific level often takes on a high significance on the part of the employee. The motivation for a doctorate can be varied. If you support an employee as part of our DBA program, you have the opportunity:

  • assigning the employee a responsible task
  • involve the employee in strategic planning by letting him or her participate in the overall company perspective
  • possibly assign smaller management tasks to the employee
  • to be able to optimally assess the employee’s potential with regard to potential future management tasks
  • to actively support the further training of your employee and to experience direct entrepreneurial added value through the results and implementation of the research project
  • to send out a positive signal within the company  that pays into your employer brand

In addition, the Doctor of Business Administration’s doctoral program offered in cooperation with the Edinburgh Business School of the renowned Heriot-Watt University ensures that your employee can exchange ideas with other doctoral students from different backgrounds within the framework of regular events and optional seminars. This not only strengthens your employee’s international network, but also ensures valuable new impulses for your research project. For what otherwise costly consulting measures are necessary for the company, we provide strategic and competent, scientifically founded support for the solution of your entrepreneurial challenges through the intensive scientific support by our experienced professors, which is oriented towards an entrepreneurial way of acting and thinking.