Research at SISP focusses on practical challenges and questions, whereby some of the research projects are integrated into national or international projects of other institutions. Moreover, research topics are often initialized by companies or organizations. The results lead to transfer projects, consulting topics, professional developments, lectures, reports, and others. Therefore, all approaches aim to achieve recommendations for actions as well as help for realization. In addition, SISP realizes basic research, whose findings extend the disciplinary knowledge.

The transfer-oriented implementation of the research projects guarantees a scientific, entrepreneurial as well as a direct social benefit. According to the mission of SIBE and SISP, the insights gained should make a value-adding contribution not only to science, but to society, organizations and companies as well.

In its function as a research institute, SISP works closely with other research and development facilities. Its independent research projects are carried out primarily within the framework of the doctoral program of Steinbeis University and the DBA program in cooperation with Edinburgh Business School of Heriot-Watt University, Scotland. When collaborating with other research institutions or within the framework of publicly funded projects, SISP usually employs young scientists. The link between research and teaching also becomes clear here: the results of research flow directly into teaching and findings from teaching are transferred to science.