The highest requirement of all research projects is the transferability of the results into practice. In order to enable a versatile consideration of the research object, some of our scientific investigations are carried out within the framework of research cooperations with national and international partners, which also demonstrates our claim to an interdisciplinary orientation.

Public institutions

Our activities are financed, inter alia, by public funds, partly in cooperation with other research institutions. The prerequisite for this is that we and our cooperation partners strictly follow the recommendations of the German Research Foundation to ensure good scientific practice. This guarantees compliance with national standards and indicates our targeted orientation of research goals in order to achieve socially relevant and novel results.


One focus of our scientific activities is the implementation of contract research projects initiated by companies. Depending on the thematic orientation of the research object, we work closely with the employees of the company or our own scientific staff is responsible for the realization, whereby results are communicated in a regular exchange. In cooperation with companies or organizations, the research project can also be implemented within the framework of a DBA program, which will be offered together with the Edinburgh Business School of Heriot Watt University. Public funding may also support corporate research initiatives. The Steinbeis Europa Zentrum has been an expert in applying for such funds for many years. We work in partnership with them and can thus pursue different approaches depending on the client’s concerns.